Vladimir Kramnik

Vladimir Kramnik announced his retirement.

The Former World Chess Champion, Vladimir Kramnik (Russia), announced his retirement after Tata Steel Masters 2019.

"I already decided to finish my professional chess career a couple of months ago and now, after having played my last tournament, I would like to announce it publicly," Kramnik was quoted in the press release. 

 Some of his greatest opponents tweeted:

It's a sad day for chess. Another giant leaves the game earlier than we all would hope for.Vladimir Kramnik leaves an incredible legacy behind him. Almost every opening line played in last 25 years has his major input.Thanks maestro. Levon Aronian

Vlady,a friend,rival and confidant. One of the most influential chess players of our times.His rivalry was a constant inspiration.I will miss his dry humour at tournaments. For me you will always be the Big Vlad from 89. All the best Vlady in your new avatar. Vishy Anand

Kramnik just announced his retirement from professional chess. He was one of the great players of his generation. He has deep knowledge and understanding of chess. What are some of his chess accomplishments which stand out in your minds? Susan Polgar

Vladimir Kramnik is one of the greatest players of all time and certainly one of the most influential figures for our understanding of the game. His understanding and creativity is something I've always admired. Sad to see him leave competitive chess. Fabiano Caruana

Can't really imagine chess without Kramnik. He was always there, just a year older than me, and miles better at everything - an unattainable ideal to aspire to. Be well, and good luck with everything in the years to come. Peter Svidler



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